Sunday, June 28, 2009

The first of many sleepless nights I'm sure

Ryan and I closed on our first home on Friday. Everything went remarkably well and quite quickly actually. We were done within the hour. I think we waited around longer for the wire to come through than anything else. We signed our lives away and we are hoping we didn't sign over Paige's in the process. Now that the house is ours, we have begun painting. Paige spent the weekend with Uncle Adam and Aunt Milagro while Ryan and I got some work done. We painted three rooms yesterday and we are feeling pretty good about it. Paige's room is definitely pink. We are hoping that once there is furniture in there it won't look so pink. Regardless, Paige will love it. Ever since we spent the day there yesterday, our to-do list has grown immensly. The place was supposed to be move in ready. Frankly it probably is, we are just very excited to have our first place that we want everything to be perfect right away. Now here I sit at the computer and it is in the middle of the night because I can't sleep. I keep thinking of all the things I need/want to get done for the new house. Not to mention that my body is in tremendous pain from all the painting yesterday. I can't even make a fist with my right hand. Will I ever sleep soundly again?

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Bethany said...

best advice i ever got..."Rome wasn't built in a day." that being said, take it one day at a time! but how exciting! can't wait to see more pics. cograts to you all!